The infant, Luis Evilleira, was taken in by the church and raised as one of their own. Forty years later, Father Luis Evilleira has become a loyal servant of the church and the head Witchcraft investigator .One of his investigations leads him to a satanic convent that was attacked by one of the local villages. Father Evilleira investigates the convent and begins to "re purify" holy items of the church that may have been tainted. That’s when he encounters the heinous book that will forever change him. Upon opening its pages he surprisingly is able to read the ancient text within. Suddenly, a blinding white flash enveloped the room and no one sees or hears of Father Evilleira again.     

The story of Father Evil

Father Evil was born Luis Evilleira in Galicia, Spain in the year 1372. His parents, Guillermo and Isabella Evilleira, were farmers and herbalists. Three months after his birth there was an epidemic that hit his small town. His parents, with their knowledge of herbal remedies, were able to stop the onset of the plague. The Holy Roman Catholic Church caught wind of this and accused his parents of heresy and Witchcraft. The locals and church representatives gathered at their farm. They proceeded to beat his parents. The ordeal ended with his parents being burned at the stake.